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Blowing Glass Art


Blown glass is a craft without using molds that the work comes from the skills and ideas of the inventor. By using patterns from imagination and learning things naturally.
By manufacturers must have special skills, delicate and delicate then making the job as desired and satisfying the market and customers.

Thai culture actor’s mask ( Hua-Koan )


It is an advanced art that combines knowledge. And expertise in many fields of mechanics, such as mannequins, sculptors, sculptors and others. Currently, the mask is not only an important component of the pantomime performance. But the mask has become a symbol of Thai culture. As can be seen from the mask, it has been shortened to display. And decorated in various places.

Thai elephant


Part of the concept comes from the power of elephants and the unique style of the country, which foreigners often recognize Thai elephants well.
Manufacturers began to mold elephants in various forms. Which has more than 100 realistic styles, gestures and colors. Then apply the Thai pattern to add the value of Thai art, combined with beautiful statues, making it more valuable.

Thai tiny puppet


It is a small puppet that is delicate, beautiful and indicates Thai identity.



Benjarong is known since the Ayutthaya period. Originally it was only popular in the royal court and nobles. Later it became generally widespread. And became a high-class art that has been passed down to the present. Thai people have realized the value and have inherited and developed elaborate patterns and patterns. Maintain Thai identity.