The Attractions at The Kheha BTS Station area

“Kheha Station”

The Attractions at The Kheha BTS Station area

The Ancient City (MUANG BORAN)

Styles of Art in Siam

To collect cultural and artwork of Thailand to be a learning source, Then the Ancient City emphasizes on the distinguished and unique pieces of art from different periods, the representatives of folk cultural cultivation. Some periods were overlapping in time as the rise of one community could take place anytime without the decline of the existing one. Hence, it is found that each community developed its civilization within a similar time frame, but its peak was different depending on who was the strongest and most flourishing at a particular time.

The most outstanding at the period could manifest its superior prosperity before others, yet as the leading kingdom began to decline, the rising one would replace the former at once with its own manifestation. The periods accumulated here are arranged in order of their distinct revelation, ranging from the pre-historic era, Dvaravati, Srivichai, Lopburi, Lanna, Lan Chang, Sukhothai, U-tong, Ayuthaya, Thonburi and Rattanakosin.




Ancient City and Erawan Museum Ticket

Map of The Ancient Citymuang boran map Transportation

Out of The Kheha station. Exit 3. Van to Muang Boran will park area. The pathway down the BTS Skytrain.

The Miami Bazar Bangpoo

New Tourist Attraction Bangpoo New Landmark in Samut Prakan, a new destination for tourism and relaxation that combines modern Comfort and relaxation together perfectly.
To promote the new tourism Bangpoo. The new Bangpoo ferry terminal – Pattaya – Hua Hin has the concept of “The Extraordinary Coastal Lifestyle Destination” attracting both Thai and foreign tourists. To become a destination of tourism and relaxation on the best shore on the shore of Bangpoo. Do not miss the highlights are opening new experience with “Miami Eye” the largest and highest Ferris Wheel in Bangpoo. To make tourists experience the beauty of Bangpoo in a new 360-degree view, the Miami Beach Bangpoo will become the new landmark of Bangpoo tourism that all visitors must visit.


Out of  The Kheha BTS station. Exit 3. Continue by taxi spend journey time about 8 minutes or 7.1 km.

Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo

It is the largest crocodile farm in the world. There are more than 40,000 crocodile farms in the country. There is a crocodile show with bare hands. In addition to crocodiles, there is a zoo open. Elephants and monkeys are shown to visitors.

Crocodile FarmTransportation

Out of  The Kheha BTS station. Exit 2. Continue by taxi spend journey time about 4 minutes or 1.8 km.

Wat Asokaram

wat asokaramTransportation

Out of  The Kheha BTS station. Exit 3. Continue by taxi spend journey time about 8 minutes or 4.3 km.

Bangpu Recreation

Another place to recommend good atmosphere delicious seafood. For the people of the city or people nearby. Have a nice day out with a view of the migratory gulls that can be seen only in the winter.


Out of  The Kheha BTS station. Exit 3. Continue by taxi spend journey time about 11 minutes or 9.6 km.

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