Mae Kampong, The hidden small village near Chiang Mai city

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Mae Kampong – Chiang Mai

Visit Chiang Mai in another perspective that you may never experience.

Mae Kampong, a small village that hides a lot of natural beauty. And the happiness that comes to experience this village is fresh air amidst the mountains and lush forests. This village is located in Mae On sub-district, Chiang Mai. Apart from the above, there are many interesting things.

The first check-in point, Mae Teen Tok Royal Project.

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This is the check-in point that many tourists go to visit because here is not far from the city. And also have a homestay along the stream, restaurants and coffee shops. Ensure that everyone who arrives here will have to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place.

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Pha Nam Lord, Mae Kampong

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Pha Nam Lord is about 200 meters away from the Royal Project. It is another check-in point where the tourists come to relax and enjoy nature. Along with taking pictures of the beauty of this place

SaWang Ka Ta, Mae Kampong

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This is a coffee shop located in front of Mae Kampong Village, which is located along the stream. This coffee shop has built a dam as seen in the picture.
Making it a point that many tourists travel to take pictures

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Mae Kampong Waterfall

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Thailand – Country in Southeast Asia

What’s famous in Thailand?


Things that are famous in Thailand. Temples and Buddha with the delicate architecture, the Royal Palace and the beach with beautiful sea and sand, there are many interesting attractions and the important thing is the delicious Thai food.

Bangkok is the capital. There are the important places that attract the tourist are Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, Royal Palace.

Next to Bangkok to the east is Pattaya Beach, and the west is Cha-am and Hua Hin.

In the South of Thailand has beautiful scuba diving sites and the island has the perfect beach to relax. Offshore Islands include Phi-Phi islands, Ko Pha-Ngan, Phuket, Ko Tao, Koh Sa-Mui, etc.

If you want to explore nature, mountains, and traditional tribes. Travel to the north of Thailand.

( Here are some famous places in Thailand )

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-Thai Food-

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As mentioned above, it is just an interesting part of Thailand.
There are also cultures, festivals, traditional tribal lifestyle and others.
Which you can follow on my blog.