Thai Language Learning

English to Thai

Most of Thai people speak the Thai language. Except for large cities and the province where are the most tourists go, 40% of them can speak English. So, we should learn basic Thai before traveling.
Thai language that foreign tourists should know, such as travel, eating, greetings. I will begin about the easy words to introduce yourself and some vocabulary that always use.

learn to speak thai

and at the end of the sentences, we should say “Krub or Ka” It doesn’t have the meaning but uses for the politely.

Krub (Men only)

Ka (Women only)

For example, Sawaddee Krub or Sawaddee Ka

Basic Vocabulary (English to Thai)

Hello = Sa wad dee (krub/ka)

Thank You = Kob khun (krub/ka)

Sorry = Kor tod (krub/ka)

Rice = Kao

Chicken = Gai

Pork = Moo

Beef = Neua wua

Water = Naam

You can follow “Learn the basic Thai  language” on YouTube