Mu Koh Chumphon National Park


This island has biodiversity, including mangrove forests, forests, wildlife, marine animals and abundant coral reefs. At the same time, this national park is a large area. And divided for 4 main parts: beaches, bays, islands and mountains.

This island has natural mangrove trails which are still in perfect condition. Is a walking route about 1 km. Located at Thung Kha-Sawee, Chumphon Island.



Emerald green rocks at Phu Ya On Beach


This is a natural phenomenon that occurred in early 2018, at this beach turned into an emerald green stone, a distance of more than half a kilometer. Therefore formed a new tourist attraction at Thung Maha Bay, Pathio District, Chumphon

Koh Ngam Yai

chumphon, koh ngam yai

koh ngam yai4

koh ngam yai5


Koh Ngam Yai is the most famous place in the Chumphon archipelago. Because it is a very beautiful diving spot and for those who love diving, must visit the underwater cave. Which is a large underwater tunnel, approximately 10 meters wide and 15 meters long. And can meet with whale sharks often.

Koh Matra


This island is a large island and has many tourists. Because it is a place where snorkeling can be done, can dive to see coral and many fish.

In addition to the islands mentioned, there are many islands. Because there are about 40 islands together. There are also interesting islands are

Langka-Jiew Island


Kula Island

koh kula

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