Gay full service Bathhouse

In previous times, I recommended one of the best Gay Bathhouse is Babylon Bangkok. And this article I would like to recommend another one Gay full-service, VCK Cool Space.

Chakran Sauna is one of many services of VCK Cool Space. There is accommodation, sauna, onsen, massage & spa and fitness.

The BLU CABIN Ari Stylish Postel

The Stylish Postel that first and only Postel for Gay in Thailand. Located in the VCK Cool Space area. There is daily breakfast, WIFI, access to the heated & saltwater pool, Chakran sauna and Onzen all included.

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Chakran Sauna

gay bathhouse

This is located in the area of VCK Cool Space. The Best Gay Sauna in Thailand which I recommended in the last article about Gay sauna.

The Entry fee = $11 that includes 1 drink

IKUZE Onsen on the rooftop

For those who are looking for excitement, our famous OG night party is happening every night at 19:30 at Moon Deck Sala. Attending this event is something you shouldn’t miss

V Club 7 Massage & Spa

I don’t have to say much. Give you visual meaning!

VCK Fitness

The Men-Only Exclusive Workout Experience

For those who choose the Personal Training Package, you will get handsome personal training, Chakran Sauna, Onsen, Pool and discount for V Club 7 massage & spa all included.

All of the above is the Gay full service from VCK Cool Space. One of the best Gay bathhouse in Thailand.

Gay full service Bathhouse