Explore Khao Sok National Park


The Nature Attractions in The Khao Sok National Park

Come to Khao Sok National Park, You can organize a variety of activities. Whether trekking, visiting the waterfall, a cave tour or a cruise for visiting “Guilin of Thailand

Sip Et Chan Waterfall

Khao Sok Waterfall

Located far from Khao Sok National Park about 4 km.

Ton Kloi Waterfall

Khao Sok-Waterfall

Located far from “Tung Nam” about 1 km.

Tung Nam

Khao sok-tung nam

Located far from “Wing Hin” Waterfall about 3.2 km.

Tarn Sawan Waterfall

khao sok-tarn sawan

Located far from “Tung Nam” about 1 km.

Mae Yai Waterfall

khao sok-mae yai

Located far from Khao Sok National Park office about 5.5 km.

Wing Hin Waterfall

khao sok-wing hin

Located far from Khao Sok Natural Park about 2.8 km.

Pra Kay Petch Cave

khao sok-pra kay patch cave

Pakarang Cave (Coral Cave)

khao sok-pakarang cave

It has the same characteristics as the Nam Talu cave. A cave with water all year round. The cave is dark with stalactites and stalagmites, which is called the coral cave. Because the cave has stalactites, stalagmites sprouting like small coral in the sea. Wonderful view As in the sea.

Travel to Pakarang cave.

On the way to the coral. From the various rafts, you will need to take a boat to reach the entrance. Walk about 2 km from the entrance. The walk along the nature trail is about 3 meters wide along the way is not far away. The elderly can walk easily. After that, you will find the forest guard unit Huay Tham Chan. From this area will travel by the wooden rafting through the huge heart shape lake about 10 minutes to the mouth of the coral.

Lake in Khao sok National Park

The huge heart shape lake is called “500 rai” Lake

Explore Khao Sok National Park

Nam Talu Cave

khao sok-nam talu cave

Nam Talu Cave located far about 10 kilometers from Khao Sok National Park office and about 12 kilometers from the Nang Prai raft. The cave is called “Nam Talu” because the stream flows through the cave. The cave is about 30 meters wide. You can travel to the cave by 2 ways

 First, you can go by walk

Far from the Khao Sok National Park office about 12 km. and it takes about an hour to walk on the trail through the thick forest. When you reach the mouth of the Nam Talu cave, You’ll see some big honeycombs that are located very high up on a limestone cliff.

Second, you can go by boat

From the raft go by boat and take about 40 minutes, then walk about 2.5 km to reach the mouth of the Nam Talu cave, Hiking to the cave is a shady path. Throughout the route, you will have to walk through several small streams. On the way, some areas you’ll see the large group of butterflies

The Nam Talu Cave is not always visitable during the rainy season, as the water level can rise.

The travel inside the cave has a length of 700 meters and there is a watercourse. You’ll surprise to discover great beauties formed by the calcareous rock. stalactites, stalagmites, and several fantastic formations.