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Leaf Soap Spa


Production starts by making the leaves thinnest.
But the leaves are coated with herbal soap Then dried in a plastic bag to store the smell and properties

Pure Coconut Oil


Most ancient Thai women like to simmer coconut meat into “oil” and then use to nourish hair by fermentation. To prevent dandruff and split ends and is also used in skin care Can reduce wrinkles in scarred areas
With the great wisdom of the ancient people, it has inspired the benefits of coconut meat and the nutrients that are present in coconut meat, leading to the idea of storing nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. As much as possible

Sunflower Seeds Aroma Bath and Massage Oil


Started with the experiment of oil from sunflower seeds produced from farmers in Lopburi province. To replace the import of almond seed oil used in the spa to help farmers and reduce the cost of oil bath and massage.

Thai Herb Compress


It is a traditional health and beauty product that has a long story, which brings knowledge from adults who are specialized in compressing and Thai traditional medicine.
In order to improve quality while developing the appearance to stand out to add value.

Herbal Soap


Bring knowledge and experience about existing herbs to develop as herbal soap products from ginseng. Rich in natural value
In addition to ginseng, there are also many kinds of fruits that are used to make soap, which is unique with real fresh fruit.

Noni juice mixed Black Krachai


Yo is a plant that grows in many countries around the world. In Thailand, use yo in the various parts, such as the root of the yo, used as a dye. Yo leaves can cook food and Noni fruit can eat too. And mixed in ancient medicine.
For hundreds of years, Thai people in ancient times Brought the fruit to treat various symptoms instead of medicine.

Wan Kab Hoy Herbal Juice


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