Khon, Thai Culture

Khon, Mask Dance Drama in Thailand

Thai Culture VDO Presentation. The teaser of Khon at the Royal Chalermkrung Theater.


 “Khon”, an ancient Thai Classical Heritage which originated from ancient times. And the movie show, combined with the sword show,  This is “Khon”

“Khon” at Chalermkrung Royal Theatre hold to preserve and disseminate the art of Thai traditional heritage. In addition to the “Khon” which is a Thai classical heritage and The show, the venue is Chalermkrung Royal Theatre.

Likewise the Chalermkrung Royal Theatre, which has a history of more than half a century. As the symbolic institution of national culture presentation. Presented with a magnificent style of performance and accurate according to the traditional style. Which both Thais and foreigners will be able to see the performances that are truly unique to Thailand.
The “Khon” show of Thailand has been announced by UNESCO for “Khon Thai” (Khon, Masked Dance Drama in Thailand) ‘has been registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Foreign tourists traveling to Thailand can purchase tickets to visit Phra Kaew Temple and the Grand Palace for 500 baht at the Grand Palace ticket shop.

Special Offer for Foreign Tourists

Tourists will receive tickets to the Khon show. And can visit in a special round of tourists at the Chalermkrung Royal Theatre. Between Monday to Friday 5 times a day at 10.30 hrs. / 13.00 hrs. / 14.30 hrs. / 16.00 hrs and 17.30 hrs.
The length of the show is 25 minutes per round. Visitors can bring the card to contact to watch the pantomime performance. According to the schedule at the Chalermkrung Royal Theatre.
Phone 0-2224-4499 ( with delivery service at the front of Wiman Thewet door, Which is the exit of the Grand Palace. And Tourist buses celebrate the hall before 30 minutes.


Khon, Thai Culture