Ko Samet beaches


Koh Samet is located in Rayong. The East Coast of one of the most famous countries. Arriving at Koh Samet, you will need to take a boat to Ban Phe Pier, Rayong. On Koh Samet, there are many piers in many beaches, such as Na Dan Pier (Sai Kaew), Wong duen Pier.


(from Rayong to Ko Samet)

Go to Ban Phe Pier for a boat trip to Koh Samet.

1. From Ban Phe Pier Daily boat service from 8.00 am – 4.00 pm, takes about 40 minutes.

2. From Ban Phe at Nuanthip Pier has Speedboat. The schedule is 9.30, 13.30, 15.30

Ko Samet

-Sai Kaew Beach-


At there have motorbikes for rent about $10 per day.

“Sai Kaew Beach” The most famous beach on Koh Samet. In addition to the beautiful charm of the beach. The beach is also a shallow beach with no rocks. Sai Kaew Beach has many restaurants and accommodation. Night time is also fun for tourists to sit out. Who likes the bustle. Love is not quiet, it is here.

-Ao Phai-





“Ao Phai” is next to “Sai Kaew Beach” Who likes the bustle, here is your answer that no longer silent same as Sai Kaew Beach. The bay is lined with restaurants, pubs and beach bars all along the beach.

-Ao Wong Deun-




Moderate time from Sai Kaew Beach. And the point where the boat will pick up – send tourists on a regular basis. From Na Dan Pier The unique charm of Ao Wong duen is the diversity of the bay. If you like the bustle stay in the middle bay but if need peace, you should stay at the top and the end of the bay.

-Ao Lung Dam-




The celebrity here is a classic wooden bridge stretching into the sea. Nowadays, the Apache restaurant can be eaten by the sea. And a popular fishing spot at the end of the wooden bridge.

-Ao Wai-



Ao Wai, is the most peaceful in Ko Samet. there is only 1 resort there. So this is the private beach that is convenient for honeymoon

-Ao Karang-


Ao Karang is the last bay, at the end of Ko Samet which is still a completely natural ecological environment. This bay has a most beautiful view point of the sunset. and you can be snorkeling to see the coral here.

-Ao Praw-


On the Ko Samet’s Map, you can see the only one is Ao Praw on the left. Ao Praw is located in the west of Ko Samet. So, The Best Resorts are located at this bay.

Ao Praw Resort, Le Viman Cottage and Lima Coco are the 3 resorts at there.

This is the interesting things of Koh Samet. Fine sand, crystal clear sea, delicious seafood and many activities are waiting for you to come once. But believe me, it’s absolutely not just one time you will come to Ko Samet.