NEW! This Tour must not be missed

From Bangkok: Holy Tattoo Experience at Wat Bang Phra

($94.40 per person)

This Tour must not be missed

If you have the faith in holy tattoo in Thailand. You must absolutely not miss this trip. Because we will take you to a tattoo at Bang Phra Temple. Which is famous for the holy tattoo which called “Khao Yod”(9 Spires)  and “Hah Taew”(5 lines)

In the belief of the Thai people, the 9 Spires are the holy tattoo in order to prevent danger from all weapons.
And the 5 lines are the holy tattoo that has 5 lines in each line has own meaning. Such as the first line means Mercy from those around you, the second for Support your fate better, the third is The spell of success, the forth is the Spells according to the individual’s zodiac sign and the last one is the spell for the Great charm.


NEW! This Tour must not be missed