Planning a trip to Thailand (Simple)

Prepare to travel in a simple style “GUIDETHAILAND.BLOG”

“How to prepare before traveling” is one of the first questions that often raises concerns for new tourists. Because we have to prepare in many ways until we don’t know how to start from the first step. So you don’t have to worry until it’s fun.

We would like to introduce the travel of the legendary pro. “Travel planning guide” on our blog.

Come to conclude as the principle of simple travel preparation for you to prepare to travel to Thailand before the arrival season

1. Prepare yourself

prepare body

Of course, preparing for goals. and body is the first priority that should be remembered because of the destination, especially the visit. According to your needs and interests. Will definitely make you enjoy the journey.

But don’t forget that you should have a body that is ready.
To be able to pass all travel without interruption

2. Prepare money

prepare money

Money matters are also important factors in every trip. To calculate the rough budget and save enough money for traveling on that trip.
But always remember to spend the right amount, maybe a little more or less
From the budget calculation, you set.

When preparing a budget for tourism. after that, select flights, hotels and other facilities. such as travel from the airport to the accommodation. In which all 4 things are considered as half of the budget prepared.

In the concept of professional travelers, therefore the important thing is “The best is not necessarily the most expensive”. Is that right? So, The first plans for Flight tickets

The First: Flight Tickets

We are the one who seeks the best for us. But we have to find a low price. We used to believe in low-cost airline advertising. But in the end, we found something better and we want to share this good thing with you.


They’ve made it their mission to radically simplify the way people search for travel deals. They use a patented algorithm that scours the web for the lowest prices on the planet.

They show you these fares in a simple, easy to navigate the site with all the best flight amenities to bring some joy to your trip planning.

2nd: The Hotels

On our blog, We have collected hotels in all the famous areas of Thailand.

Bangkok Hotels, We have gathered and divided into many categories. Whether it is 3-4-5 star Hotels. Hotels nearby BTS. and The cheap hotels and hostels in the city center.

And other famous areas, we have collected the best hotels at the middle price level. The hotels that I choose to offer on my blog, about 50% can be guaranteed by myself. Because it is a hotel I have stayed in.

You can choose by destination. I have divided by the link below.

Recommended Hotels…Click! Or Find your destinations in the box

3rd: The Travel Insurance

Traveling to a foreign country is one of the most thrilling experiences that one can indulge in, and is something all of us tend to look forward to.

However, during your travels, there is always a possibility of unforeseen events occurring that could affect your trip, your health or overall trip investment.

Emergencies can happen at any place and at any time, which is why it is essential to take necessary precautions to safeguard yourself.

Travel insurance is considered to be one of the necessities if you are going away, especially to a foreign country. So don’t forget to get travel insurance.

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4th: Transportation

If your destination is Bangkok. You can travel from the airport to the hotel located on Sukhumvit Road or Silom Road in 3 ways. They are BTS, Taxi from the Airport or The Airport shuttle from the hotels

Bangkok Hotels

But if your hotels are on Khao San Road, You can travel by MRT as well. By going to Hua Lamphong Station, and then taking a taxi or tuk-tuk about 20 minutes to Khao San Road.

3. Prepare Your Bag


and… Let’s go!