Update! Rock Climbing Points in Thailand

Challenge a brave heart and Passionate in nature.

Sometimes that tired with the same old life and seem like want to recharge. Let’s get a life.
If your life force has no limit, so blow it up into the power you.

Thailand has many wonderful places that you have never seen before. And just like the natural climbing points that I will recommend to you as well
You will encounter challenges and wait for you to experience.

Khao Chang Phueak


This adventure to the Khao Chang Phueak starts from the area behind E Tong Village, Pi-Lok Subdistrict, Thong Pha Phum District. The distance is about 8 kilometers. It takes 4-5 hours to walk up to the tent spot. After that, Getting to the peak of the Khao Chang Phueak must walk from the campsite about 500-600 meters. And pass the point that is considered the highlight of the Khao Chang Phueak, the period of time called “sharp knife”.

Because it is a thin, narrow ridge. During this time, the ridge will have some small stones. Must walk in a single row, climb the rock Even though the cliff is not very high But made many people tremble. After “the sharp knife”, The walkway is a hill that leads to the highest point of Khao Chang Phueak at a height of 1,249 meters from sea level. This spot is a point where you can see the view around 360 degrees. There are no large trees obscuring the scenery. So, don’t forget to take photos



Located in Thong Pha Phum National Park Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchanaburi. From Kanchanaburi to Thong Pha Phum district about 146 kilometers. Then go from Thong Pha Phum District to Thong Pha Phum National Park, 55 kilometers.

Doi Luang Chiang Dao

With a height of 2,225 meters above sea level, Doi Luang Chiang Dao is the destination of climbers.

Climbing Points in Thailand


Located in the area of The Wildlife Sanctuary Chaing Dao in Chiangmai.  The walking distance is about 6.5 kilometers. There is a relatively steep path in the first way part. But that’s all you certainly want. And if you have stayed overnight on the top of the mountain You will be more impressed with the scenery. And cool weather.
Some days, the temperature is -1 degrees Celsius.
And woke up in the morning Sit and sip coffee and watch the sea of mist.

If you love adventure, I think you don’t miss the best experience here.

Ton Sai Beach

Ton Sai Beach is connected from Rai Ray Beach. You can walk from the west side of Rai Ray Beach when the seawater drop. Or you can go by boat as well.

This is another cliff that is suitable for professional climbers. Because it is considered a steep cliff and difficult to climb up But if you are confident, let yourself a challenge.

Climbing Point in Thailand


Located at Ao Nang, Krabi

Phu Soi Dao Nation Park

Climbing Points in Thailand

If you like adventure combines the natural style. I recommended you to go to “Phu Soi Dao Nation Park”. Because there are abundant nature and various climbing style.

5 hills for climbing begin from the basic to the professional. The top of the mountain height 2,102 meters above sea level.


Located in Phu Soi Dao Nation Park at Nam Pad district, Audraradit.

Wang Tum Water Fall

Climbing points of Thailand

If you love climbing and maybe you climbed in many places. Even if you have experienced from the others. But once in your lifetime, you should come here.

Wang Tum Waterfall with 40 meters high cliff. The Climbing Point that the climbers not only will see the sophisticated scenery along with climbing but also experience climbing through the waterfall curtain.


Located in Khao Kho district. Petchaboon, Thailand

Nam Bo Phe Cave

Climbing Points in Thailand

Welcome to adventure.
The largest and deepest hole in Thailand, over 1,000 years old. 140 meters depth or as wide as 2 football fields.

The excitement was before finding thousands of stalactites in the rainforest below. We had to sprinkle with only two strings for 1 hour to go down. And the only way to get out of here is to climb back to the original.


Located in Pang Ma Pha District. Chiangmai, Thailand

Rai Ray Beach

Climbing points in Thailand

This beach is very famous for climbing. There are 600 climbing routes to choose from.

With the scenery of limestone cliffs that surround the emerald sea, Rai Ray Beach at Krabi. When seeing this beautiful sea Feeling refreshed and ready for the challenges that are waiting.

Where has the steep cliff surrounded by the sea. If you love climbing and the sea, it’s a must come here only.


Located at Rai Ray Beach Krabi, Thailand

Ao Pra Nang Cave

Climbing Points in Thailand

Another climbing point in Krabi that have both the cliffs for practice climbing and climbing for professionals. But one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the bay named “High View Point” will be able to climb up only.


Located at Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

MoKoJu Mountain

Climbing points in Thailand

Mokuju is the name of the highest peak in Mae Wong National Park in Khampangphet. This is a natural climbing path that is equivalent to completing a doctoral degree for climbers.

With a length of 64 kilometers of The path to conquer this peak. Therefore, it takes at least 5 days to travel.

The top of the MoKoJu Mountain is high 1,964 meters above sea level


Located at MoKoJu Mountain, Pang Ta Wai, Kumpangpetch, Thailand

Tarn Rattana Waterfall

Climbing Points in Thailand

Come here in the same place as you can visit 9 places. From the slogan            “4 cliffs, 5 waterfalls” of Kao Yai Nation Park

The beginning of the journey is at Tarn Rattana Waterfall. Continue to walk until “Song Phi Nong” waterfall. This is an abseiling point from a cliff that is 70 meters high.

From this point, you will see 3 cliffs are Song Sawan Waterfall and Wang Bon Waterfall. End of this trip, Kayaking into the shore.


Located in Kao Yai Nation Park. Pak Chong District, Nakornratchasima, Thailand.

Mar Pha Yod Cliff

Climbing Points in Thailand

This cliff is part of the mountain which is about 150 meters high. In front of the mountain is a cave and you can go to see natural beauty as well.

But for the climbers who love adventure, Mar Pha Yod Cliff is located at the other side. It is a limestone cliff about 80 meters high with a rock like a horse’s head which is the name. Suitable for people who have never climbed before to the pro.


Located at Mae On District, Chiangmai, Thailand.