Thai Food – Thai Curry and Curry Recipe

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Thai Food. What is The Thai Curry?

Thai Food that includes The Curry, This is the dishes that are the main water type for eating with rice. Thai dishes have a different name according to cooking methods and ingredients.

Main Types of Thai Curry are divided into 2 types

1. Curry with Coconut Milk

2. Curry without Coconut Milk

Curry with Coconut Milk

Such as Red Curry, Green Curry, Panang Curry, Masaman Curry with Pork, Chicken, Beef or any meat that you like.

Red Curry

Red curry is The Thai curry that uses mainly ingredient is the red curry paste and you can put some meat and some vegetable, such as put some chicken and bamboo shoot that we call “Red curry with chicken and bamboo shoot” or put some pork and eggplant we call “Red curry with pork and eggplant” like this.

From the initial description
This section describes the ingredients, methods and menu lists as follows.

For Example

Menu lists

1. Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoot ( Gang Gai Sai Nor Mai )

2. Chicken Curry with Winter Melon ( Gang Gai Sai Fuck )

3. Chicken Curry with Pumpkin ( Gang Gai Sai Fuck Thong )

4. Chicken Curry with Eggplant ( Gang Gai Sai Ma Keua )

Chicken Curry Recipe

(You can cook both Red curry or Green curry)

Red Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoot Recipe

chicken curry recipe


Chicken  (Thai language = Gai)

Bamboo shoot = 0.5 kg. (Thai language = NorMai)

Red Curry Paste ( Prik Gang Dang )

Coconut Milk ( Ka Thi )

Cooking Oil ( Nam Mun )


Sugar ( Nam Tarn )

Seasoning Powder

Red Bell Peppers ( Prik Dang )

Green Bell Peppers ( Prik Keaw )

Basil Leaves ( Bai Ho Ra Pa )

Thai food, chicken curry recipe

Medium fire pan put the oil to the pan and add follow with red curry paste. When the stir-fried curry paste starting to smell Add some coconut milk to melt the chili paste together. When the curry starts to boil Add chicken and bamboo shoots then stir until mixed for a while. Seasoning with sugar, salt, seasoning powder mixed together.
Taste for the desired flavor
After that, put the red and green bell pepper, turn off the fire and put the basil leaves down.
Is a secret that helps the basil remain green