Thai Food – Thai Curry and Curry Recipe

thai food

Thai Food. What is The Thai Curry?

Thai Food that includes The Curry, This is the dishes that are the main water type for eating with rice. Thai dishes have a different name according to cooking methods and ingredients.

Main Types of Thai Curry are divided into 2 types

1. Curry with Coconut Milk

2. Curry without Coconut Milk

Curry with Coconut Milk

Such as Red Curry, Green Curry, Panang Curry, Masaman Curry with Pork, Chicken, Beef or any meat that you like.

Red Curry

Red curry is The Thai curry that uses mainly ingredient is the red curry paste and you can put some meat and some vegetable, such as put some chicken and bamboo shoot that we call “Red curry with chicken and bamboo shoot” or put some pork and eggplant we call “Red curry with pork and eggplant” like this.

From the initial description
This section describes the ingredients, methods and menu lists as follows.

For Example

Menu lists

1. Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoot ( Gang Gai Sai Nor Mai )

2. Chicken Curry with Winter Melon ( Gang Gai Sai Fuck )

3. Chicken Curry with Pumpkin ( Gang Gai Sai Fuck Thong )

4. Chicken Curry with Eggplant ( Gang Gai Sai Ma Keua )

Chicken Curry Recipe

(You can cook both Red curry or Green curry)

Red Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoot Recipe

chicken curry recipe


Chicken  (Thai language = Gai)

Bamboo shoot = 0.5 kg. (Thai language = NorMai)

Red Curry Paste ( Prik Gang Dang )

Coconut Milk ( Ka Thi )

Cooking Oil ( Nam Mun )


Sugar ( Nam Tarn )

Seasoning Powder

Red Bell Peppers ( Prik Dang )

Green Bell Peppers ( Prik Keaw )

Basil Leaves ( Bai Ho Ra Pa )

Thai food, chicken curry recipe

Medium fire pan put the oil to the pan and add follow with red curry paste. When the stir-fried curry paste starting to smell Add some coconut milk to melt the chili paste together. When the curry starts to boil Add chicken and bamboo shoots then stir until mixed for a while. Seasoning with sugar, salt, seasoning powder mixed together.
Taste for the desired flavor
After that, put the red and green bell pepper, turn off the fire and put the basil leaves down.
Is a secret that helps the basil remain green



The ingredients of curry paste

The ingredients of curry paste

The Red Curry Paste

Thai food, Red curry paste

  1. Shallot
  2. Garlic
  3. Salt
  4. Shrimp
  5. Celery Root
  6. Pepper
  7. Dry Chili
  8. Lemongrass
  9. Galangal
  10. Kaffir lime skin
  11. Celery
  12. Cumin

The Green Curry Paste

Thai food, Green curry paste

  1. Shallot
  2. Garlic
  3. Salt
  4. Shrimp
  5. Celery Root
  6. Pepper
  7. Fresh Green Chilli
  8. Fresh Paprika
  9. Lemongrass
  10. Galangal
  11. Kaffir lime skin
  12. Celery
  13. Fennel
  14. Sandalwood

The Pa-Nang Curry Paste

  1. Shallot
  2. Garlic
  3. Salt
  4. Shrimp
  5. Celery Root
  6. Pepper
  7. Dry Chili
  8. Lemongrass
  9. Galangal
  10. Kaffir lime skin
  11. Celery
  12. Cumin
  13. Cutlery
  14. Roasted peanuts
  15. Sandalwood

The Massamun Curry Paste

  1. Shallot
  2. Garlic
  3. Salt
  4. Shrimp
  5. Celery Root
  6. Pepper
  7. Dry Chili
  8. Lemongrass
  9. Galangal
  10. Celery
  11. Flower
  12. Cinnamon
  13. Gan Pool
  14. Cardamon

Steps to do some curry chili paste

To get the good quality curry chili paste should be following these steps

  1. Pound dry chili and salt thoroughly first.
  2. Next, put the solid ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime skin, galangal, celery root. Before adding such ingredients, should be cut thoroughly for easier pounding.
  3. When pounding the ingredients together at this stage, put the shallots and garlic into the mixture to combine.
    The reason that should not be put in the first step is that there is a lot of water. Making it difficult to pound because it may cause water to splash into the eyes.
  4. For dry spices such as coriander, cumin, cinnamon should be perfectly roasted. Pounded thoroughly before pounding along with fresh ingredients.

Notes. Testing whether the curry is fine or not. To dissolve the curry paste must not have floating parts.


The Spices and Thai herbs

thai food, herbs

The Spices ( Ingredients of the curry chili paste )


thai food, herbs

Can help inhibit or help slow the growth of cancer cells (leaves)
Helps to nourish the elements in the body (leaves)
Fennel leaves are rich in vitamin C and calcium. Which has properties to help sweat which are waste from the body (leaves)
Fennel leaves have properties to help relieve nausea. By using the leaves to brew as the tea to drink until he disappears (leaves)
Helps solve anorexia (leaves)
Helps in the functioning of the digestive system (stem, dry root)
Helps to relieve abdominal pain due to indigestion (leaves)
Cumin tree helps to relieve indigestion, abdominal pain (leaf, stem, dry root)
Helps to expel intestinal flora (leaves, stalks, dried roots)
The essential oil of fennel has the effect of suppressing spasms. (Aromatherapy)
Help kill microorganisms With the use of about 3-5 grams of dried fruit, brewed with boiling water for about 1 liter
Cumin also has the effect of relaxing the uterus muscles. Which will help reduce menstrual pain in women (leaves)

Coriander Seed

thai food, herbs


thai food, herbs

The bark and wood are spicy, sweet, moist, fragrant, are hot, effective against the kidneys, spleen and bladder. Used as a body tonic Warm body Helps to cool the body Makes blood circulate well (Bark and wood)
The bark is used to mix, mix with medicine, fragrances and snuff. Refreshing, relieving headache (Early shell)
Helps nourish the mind (Early bark) The early cinnamon leaves have properties as a tonic element. And strengthening (Thai cinnamon leaves)
Cinnamon root has properties that help to wake up the elements. To cure toxic heat, the cinnamon bark has properties to wake up. (Cinnamon tree bark, Cinnamon root)
Chinese cinnamon has a spicy, sweet, hot flavor, helping to nourish the fire in the kidneys, liver, spleen and heart systems (Chinese cinnamon bark)

Cinnamon can help lower blood pressure. By using the cinnamon powder that is generally available to buy, which is crushed By using 1 gram heavy cinnamon powder, brewed with 1 cup of hot water to drink before breakfast and dinner (Early shell)
Use as a snuff to eat, cure boredom. (Early bark) The bark is brought to boil with drinking water as a tonic element. And help make appetite (Thai cinnamon bark)
Cinnamon has properties that help the body to have better ability to use insulin for glucose metabolism. Cinnamon can reduce insulin resistance, causing various cells to use blood sugar as energy, not remaining in the blood. Cinnamon herbs are suitable for type 2 diabetes for people with diabetes. Use 1 teaspoon of cinnamon a day, or about 1,200 mg, to divide the meal into 4 meals, which will give you 300 mg of cinnamon powder or the size of capsule No. 1, but for non-diabetics can eat 500- per day. 600 mg or about 2 capsules per day (the bark of the branches)

Star Anise

thai food, herbs

Helps to nourish the elements in the body (effect)
Helps to increase immunity against various diseases for the body By using 1 teaspoon of anise powder to brew with warm water to drink But for very young children, use anise oil to apply to the soles of the feet Will make the feet warm Helps strengthen immunity.
Helps to solve the disability element (effect)
Anise has yang properties. Helps increase the warmth of the body during cold, humid weather. With a slightly hot, slightly sweet flavor Not too hot, like other herbs. How to eat, use 1 teaspoon of anise powder, brewed with 1 cup of warm water. Coffee is used to drink after meals in the morning or evening. Or during cold weather
Help expel pituitary (effect)
Anise seeds, when extracted, will receive Shikimic acid, which is an important substrate for the synthesis of Tamiflu.
Against many types of viruses Including bird flu and influenza 2009 (seeds)
Helps to cure a cold, reduce fever
Essential oils mixed with licorice help to relieve a cough
Essential oils are used in pharmaceuticals for asthma and animal medicines.

Helps to treat chronic inflammation in the respiratory system digestive system And the urinary system
Helps relieve bronchitis (seeds)
Helping solve the rough wind (effect)
Helps to relieve stomach pain. Resolve flatulence  colic in infants
Helps solve indigestion (results)
Helps expel the intestine (effect)
Helps to cure urinary incontinence
Helps to correct testicular swelling And hernia
Helps to drive bile (seeds) (information from websites that advertise advertising herbal products)
The effect is used as a stimulant. (In the information that is not indicated as a stimulant)
Helps increase muscle performance
Helps to suppress pain
Helping to treat Rheumatism, relieving joint pain, bone pain, back pain, waist pain by using 1 teaspoon of anise powder to brew with hot water to drink before breakfast and evening
Helps to solve cramping or beriberi in the wrist, ankle
1-4 drops of essential oil mixed with licorice to kill germs.
Helps to maintain golden age in males
Helps increase sexual desire
Helps promote the health of female reproductive organs
Helps increase the postpartum milk of women after childbirth

Gan Pool

thai food, herbs

Cloves contain large amounts of phenolic compounds. Which has properties that help to combat free radicals in the body
Clove leaves help burn calories. Help reduce sugar cravings And helps to reduce and control blood sugar levels
Clove for toothache By using 5 drops of oil that is distilled from the flower of the clove flower Or can bring the flowers to chew and place them in the area where a toothache can be Or will bring the clove flowers to break down Mixed with a little bit of white wine And then fill the teeth with the area of pain (oil extract) or use dried buds and soak the liquor with a cotton ball moistened with tooth hole
Help treat pyorrhea (Periodontal disease) or inflammatory diseases of the surrounding organs. The teeth are then chewed and then placed in the area of the disease (buds).
Helps to stop bad breath Good smell of liquor With the use of about 3 cloves of flower buds in the mouth, it can help reduce bad breath. And also as an ingredient in many mouthwashes (bud)
Help relieve nausea, vomiting, dizzy (flower)
Help solve various hiccups (flowers)
Cloves of the cloves are used to drive the wind. Cure flatulence (flower bud)
Helps relieve abdominal pain Helps reduce intestinal peristalsis (buds)
Cloves have properties to help reduce colic distension. Caused by incomplete digestion (bud)
Helps stimulate mucus secretion and helps reduce stomach acid (bud)
Helps relieve diarrhea in children (buds)
Helps to cure beriberi (flower bud)
Help treat asthma (flower bud)
Help to relieve cough With clove flowers In the meantime, may feel a little numbness in the mouth (bud)
Help treat scurvy (bud)
Helps to expel pituitary, sticky mucus (flower bud)
Helps to drive bile (flower bud)
Contributes to better absorption of iron.
Helps to cure lymphatic waste, correct blood loss (flower bud)
Help drive amniotic fluid (bud)
Helps to cure the wind, solve the elemental disability, nourish the element (flower bud)
Helps to drive fart, catch the wind in the intestine (bud)
Shell of betel tree Helps to relieve stomach pain, cure the wind, and help to control the stomach.
The effect of cloves is used as a spice. Which helps to smell
Clove essential oil (Essential oil) helps kill germs. (Aromatherapy)
Clove essential oil Help calm the nerves
Used as an anti-convulsive drug With essential oils from cloves (Aromatherapy)
Helps make tea skin By using essential oils from clove flowers because it contains Eugenol which has a local anesthetic effect (Aromatherapy)
Helps kill many types of bacteria Whether it is a non-sterile infection, pus, typhoid, etc. (bud)
The essential oil of cloves helps kill bacteria from wounds. Insect bites
Research has shown that clove oil can help dissolve blood clots and help reduce clotting.
Clove is one of the herbs used to dye hair. Which gives the hair color that is similar to black
Clove oil is used for flavoring food. Flavoring soap and toothpaste
Benefits of clove oil Clove oil has the effect of helping to repel mosquitoes.


thai food, herbs

Helps nourish the elements in the body, cardamom style (effect)
In foreign countries, cardamom is used as a heart tonic (fruit).
Helps spread blood (results)
Helps to relieve headache, toothache, ear pain (effect)
Helps to relieve diarrhea (effect)
Helps to expel flatulence and indigestion in the country. Cardamom is mixed with ginger, clove powder and squeezed candles (fruit).
Helps to correct the intestinal spasms (results)
Helps to treat stomach diseases (results)
In India and China Cardamom is used as a treatment for urinary tract disorders. (Do not specify the part used)
Helps to correct liver and neck disorders (results)
Helps reduce inflammation (results)


thai food, herbs

Helps nourish the elements in the body (effect, leaves, bark, seeds)
Helps to solve the disability element (Seeds) Fixed the irregular elements (effect)
Nourishing (effect, leaves)
Help make appetite (Effect) solve anorexia (effect)
Helps to maintain blood in the body (kapri)
Helps to drive blood (effect) helps purify the blood, rotten blood (root), helps to treat septicemia (core)
Helps to solve the phlegm to close the element (root)  to fix the wind, phlegm to close the element (effect, leaves)
Helps pituitary (leaves, bark, seeds)
Cure hiccup (effect)
Helps solve nausea and vomiting (effect)
Helps fix the wind (effect, leaves, roots)
Help to fix the wind in the chest to close the element (Effect)
Help fix the wind of the league. Flapper League (effect, leaves)
Help to cure the poison (core)
Helps to correct the thinning of the skin (bark)
Helps to treat pyorrhea (old, leaf, root)
Helps to cure fever (peel)
Helps to cure fever for the wind (leaves)
Helps to cure fever, which is a disease and an element (bark)
Helps to cure drowsy fever (leaves, bark)
Cure lethargy fever (leaves)
Helps to cure stomach pain (seeds)

Black Pepper

thai food, herbs

Pepper seeds contain phenolic compounds and polyphenols. Which helps to combat free radicals (seeds)
Pepper seeds contain Piperine which is an alkaloids that helps to cure and prevent Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly. (Reference: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arunsri Pree Prem, a professor from the Faculty of Pharmacy) (seeds)
Helps prevent and resist carcinogens Helps accelerate liver function to destroy more toxins (seeds)
Pepper seeds have the effect of stimulating the nerves (seeds)
Helps to cure epilepsy or seizures (seeds)
Help nourish the elements in the body (seeds)
Help make appetite Make the tongue of the elderly taste better
Helps relieve insomnia (seeds)
Helps to increase the warmth of the body and strengthen the immune system (seeds).
Helps to correct red eye due to high blood pressure (flowering)
Help to suppress vomiting (flowering)
Helps to correct toothache With the use of pepper, pepper, tail, ground into powder, mixed with wax Then molded into small cubes, used to fill teeth in the area of pain (seeds)
Helps expel the throat to expel the throat (seeds)
Helps to solve the phlegm in the chest, solve the dull wind (vine)
Help relieve symptoms and cure cough, asthma, hiccup (seeds)
Help to solve the arthritis or redness (vine)
Helps to correct dizziness (root)
Helps to cure cold and reduce fever (seeds)
Help cure chronic fever With the use of black pepper, dried asiatica leaves, dried basil leaves, evenly, crushed into small pellets, eating 1 tablet each morning and evening
Improves blood circulation Helps increase blood pumping (seeds)
Black pepper can help dissolve blood clots and reduce clotting.
Stimulates sweating from the body. When the sweat evaporates from the skin Will help make the body feel more cool (seed)
Black pepper helps treat gastroenteritis.
Helps to cure stomach aches (leaves, roots)
Helps to treat severe diarrhea and diarrhea many times (vine)
Helps reduce gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract. Thus helping to cure colic, distension, flatulence (leaves, seeds)
Helps to solve wind paralysis Expel in the stomach (Leaves, seeds, roots)
Helps stimulate the flow of saliva and gastric juice in the stomach Helps in digestion Cure dyspepsia Helps digest toxins that cannot be digested (seeds, roots)
Helps to make the digestive system work better (flower)
Helps relieve or relax the discomfort of food poisoning from seafood and meats (flowers)
Helps urinate (seeds)
Help cure leucorrhea (seeds)
Helps to cure inflammation and other diseases (black pepper)
Solve the bite of the centipede by using pepper powder to sprinkle the bite area (seeds)
Helps to treat stress Is easily beriberi during the rainy season or winter By using pepper, coconut milk and egg, beat well and stew until cooked And put the white pepper into the pill with the egg shell Bring to light the yellow light Then ground into powder, mixed with boiled water And also helps to treat seizures from calcium deficiency as well.
Treat broken bones With the use of 5 seeds of pepper, bark of white soap and citrus trees, frogs brought to pound, mixed with white liquors and stir-fry to warm up, thicken the mask and use tightly wrapped clothes
Pepper properties are used to make the drug less thin. With the use of white pepper Roasted rice, sea salt, evenly, grind until powdered and mixed with honey. The size of jujube seeds Eating before breakfast, dinner and 1 tablet at a time will help improve health within less than 3 months.
Pepper is a food that is suitable for new mothers. Because it helps to increase the mother’s milk (reference: Phakakrong Kwankha, pharmacist, level 6, Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital)
Pepper is a food that is very suitable for people with elements of the wind. (May-July) which will help prevent various illnesses.
Helps to make beautiful skin With the use of pepper, locomotives, and nuts Taken before bedtime every day Will help make the skin more beautiful

Dry Chili

thai food, herbs

Chili has anti-oxidants, helps slow down aging.
Helping a good mood Makes the body create Endorphin (the substance of happiness)
Helps to strengthen the immune system
Vitamin C helps to strengthen collagen in the body.
Helps to nourish and maintain eyesight
Helps stimulate appetite
Capsaicin helps the body’s alertness.
Helps in the detox of the body
Capsicum helps relieve cold symptoms, reduces mucus and reduces phlegm.
Help relieve cough
Helps to reduce substances that obstruct the respiratory system due to flu, sinus or various allergies.
Helps treat scurvy Or scurvy
Helps to breathe more easily
Helps reduce the risk of cancer And the spicy taste of chili helps kill cancer cells
Helps reduce cholesterol content in the body Causing the amount of triglycerides in the blood stream to decrease
Helps reduce blood clots. Cerebral embolism
Helps to break down blood clots
Helps prevent heart failure
Helps increase blood circulation
Helps to lower blood pressure
Helps to strengthen the blood vessel wall Helps increase the adhesion of the vascular wall.
Helps to expand the blood vessels in the intestines and stomach for better food absorption.
Capsaicin helps kill bacteria in the stomach.
Helps the body excrete waste and bring nutrients to the tissues in the body.
Helps relieve indigestion Drive gas in the stomach
Has a diuretic help
Helps prevent various infections in the nose, throat, lungs, wall lining of the mouth.
Helps to prevent the mucus from forming within the body parts
Helps relieve pain symptoms such as toothache, sore throat, inflammation of the skin. Headache, pain, tendons, gout, arthritis, etc.
Chili helps stimulate appetite.
Used in cooking Cook food
Processed into various products such as dried chilli, cayenne pepper, chili paste, chili sauce, curry paste, various chili paste and medicinal products
Including weapons to protect samples, pepper spray (Not considered a serious weapon)
In the field of Chinese medicine, this substance is used to nourish yang energy.
In the medical field, capsaicin is extracted in the form of cream or gel. Used to relieve skin pain such as fire, scalding, shingles etc.
In the beauty aspect, Capsaicin extract is used as a gel to massage, reduce cellulite, break down fat.

Thai Herbs ( Ingredients of the curry chili paste )


thai food, herbs

Helps to warm the body
Shallots help make appetite (effect, leaves)
Skinny body Solve by using 5-10 grams of dried seeds. Bring to boil drinking water.
Contribute to enhancing memory Make memory better
Helps nourish the blood
Helps nourish the heart
Help to grow fire
Helps neutralize free radicals
Improves blood circulation
Helps to correct dizziness, dizziness, faintness
Helps reduce the risk of heart disease
Helps reduce the risk of cancer
Helps reduce cholesterol levels
Helps get rid of bad cholesterol (LDL), which is the cause of heart attack and paralysis, and also maintains good cholesterol levels (HDL).
Helps reduce blood fat, which is caused by heart disease and blood pressure.
Helps reduce blood sugar levels
Helps to prevent embolism.
Shallot, cold cure, nasal congestion (results, leaves)
Help solve the fever
Fever that occurs to the eye and chest


thai food, herbs

Helps nourish the skin to be healthy and strong
Helps to strengthen the growth of tissues in the body
Helps prevent cancer
Helps strengthen the body
Helps reduce cholesterol levels and blood sugar.
Helps to balance the body
Helps to correct dizziness, dizziness, headache, tinnitus.
Helps in the reproductive system and urinary system Because there are substances that help control hormones both women and men Helps make the uterus squeeze Increase strength to have strength
Helps to treat blood pressure
Helps prevent heart disease Reduce the risk of acute heart failure.
Help to resist tumors
Helps to solve the problem of thin, long, slow, gray hair.
Help prevent and treat anemia.
Helps to drive toxins and harmful toxins that are contaminated in the blood.
Helps to protect the vessel wall from being thick and hard
Garlic oil extract contains substances that help to dissolve blood clots.
Helps prevent blood clots
With anti-red blood cells
Helps to relieve cough, runny nose, prevent colds
Help treat flu and flu
Helps to treat rhinitis and sinusitis
Help cure whooping cough
Helps to relieve asthma
Helps to treat bronchial diseases
Helps to stop garlic bad breath
Helps to sweat
Helps in the expectorant
Help control gastritis With substances that inhibit gastric juice to digest food in the stomach
Helps to drive the wind
Helps to treat colic, distension, indigestion


thai food, herbs

Contributes to sweating
Is a medicine to nourish the fire element to grow (the grass)
Has properties as a tonic element Help in appetite
Helps solve anorexia (early)
Lemongrass extract helps to prevent colorectal cancer.
Solve and relieve cold symptoms, cough
Helps to treat fever (fresh leaves)
Used as a fever remedy (root)
The essential oil of lemongrass leaves can relieve pain.
Helps to relieve headaches
Helps to treat high blood pressure (fresh leaves)
Used as an anti-vomiting drug if used with other herbs (lemongrass head)
Helps to solve the symptoms of Kaisai line and wind deficiency (lemongrass head)
Treat asthma by using lemongrass trees.
Helps to correct the burning of the chest (root).
Used as a cure for stomach pain and diarrhea (root)
Helps to relieve and relieve stomach pain.
Help treat flatulence (lemongrass head)
Helps to drive good water to help digestion.
The essential oil of lemongrass can help reduce the intestinal compression.


thai food, herbs

Helps to eat
Help nourish the body (rhizomes)
Help nourish the fire element (Bud)
Galangal contains 1-acetoxychavicol acetate (ACA), which inhibits cancer from induction of carcinogens Thus helping to prevent cancer in the body (rhizomes)
Has the effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells (Rhizome extract)
Rhizome extract has the effect of helping to lower blood sugar levels. (Rhizome extract)
Helps treat bronchitis (rhizome, rhizome extract)
Helps to drive blood, wind, and walk conveniently. Helps increase blood circulation and increase the body’s metabolism (root)
Essential oils from galangal are very useful for the respiratory system. Therefore help to relieve colds, coughs and sore throat as well (Rhizome extract)
Helps to fix the wind in the chest (Bud)
Help to solve the febrile fever (old rhizome)
Galangal, medicinal properties help to cure phlegm (rhizomes, roots)
Helps to relieve nausea, vomiting, drunk, seasick by using rhizomes of fresh galangal, about 1 inch long. The feet are pounded until thoroughly, then add lime water. Use half a glass of water to drink after meals 3 times a day (rhizomes)
Dry powder can be used to treat toothache. With the result of grinding and applying the pain area (galangal effect)
Used as a cure for stomach ache Indigestion Distal colic, diarrhea with the use of fresh rhizomes, about 1 inch long, feet brought to the bottom and then filled with lime water Use half a glass of water to drink after meals 3 times a day (rhizomes)

Kaffir lime

thai food, herbs

Bergamot has high anti-oxidants. Helps strengthen the body’s immunity and disease resistance.
Help make appetite
Essential oils of bergamot have properties to help relieve stress. Relieve anxiety Calm the mind By inhaling the skin of bergamot or bergamot oil will help to some degree But the use should not use more than 1% concentration because it may cause irritation
Helps to cure insomnia. With the use of bergamot skin, root, licorice, plai zao, equal amount of turmeric, grind into powder, brew, dissolve hot water or boil as drinking water
Used as a heart tonic By using fresh bergamot skin, slice into small pieces, about 1 spoonful of curry, add camphor or 1 Borneol, pick up the hand with boiling water, soak and then drink 1-2 times (peel)
Helps to solve the wind, dizziness, dizziness. With the use of bergamot peel, thinly sliced with boiling water, add a little camphor Then taken orally to cure the symptoms (shell effect)
Helps to relieve cough, expectorant by using bergamot fruit to cut the salt, add salt, bring to the fire to soften the shell. Then squeezing the bergamot juice in the neck gradually, helping to relieve cough This formula can also be used as a pituitary drug.
Used to cure blood vomiting Solve bruising in as well.
Help purify blood by bringing fresh bergamot fruit into 2 halves, then marinate with salt or honey for about 1 month and pour only drinking water. Will help purify blood very well
Kaffir lime leaves have properties to help inhibit or slow the growth of cancer cells. Can help fight cancer Because kaffir lime leaves are rich in beta-carotene.
Help to cure phlegm poisoning By using fresh bergamot skin, slice into small pieces, about 1 spoonful of curry, fill with camphor or 1 Borneol
Bergamot juice can be used to cure scurvy. After brushing the teeth, use kaffir lime juice to rub the gums.
Used as a medicine to help expel the intestines. Solve colic, flatulence, distension by using fresh bergamot skin, slice into small pieces, about 1 spoon, curry, add camphor or 1 Borneol
Helps to relieve abdominal pain or use as an analgesic in infants. By bringing the bergamot fruit to the center Put the ashes and close the stopper. Then burned the fire until black, scorched and crushed into a powder, dissolved with honey to eat to relieve pain Or will bring the tongue tag to the baby It can be used as a meconium as well.
Helps to drive the carminative wind by using the bergamot fruit to be preserved as a sour pickled medicine to eat and cure the symptoms.
Help to poison Helps to treat internal abscess (root)
Helps to inhibit the growth of microorganisms as well.
Kaffir lime oil has a mild effect, inhibiting muscle contraction.
Use to wash your hair to clean. Make hair shiny Prevent gray hair Solve hair loss problems The sourness of bergamot juice also has an acidic effect, helping to remove shampoo stains. Or purify the clogged things according to the pores on the scalp And also make the hair easy to comb as well With 2 slices of bergamot when finished To remove the bergamot, wash the hair repeatedly With the use of bergamot yeast over the hair and rinse it will help clean the hair.
Helps clear the chemicals in the hair Since each day we must be exposed to dust, sunlight, shampoo, which is why it can cause dry hair to be eliminated. Even if using hair conditioner or hair treatment and repair But these things still contain chemicals. For how to protect hair and wash chemicals easily Just use the bergamot juice to moisturize the hair. Then marinate for about 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water Then rinse again with cold water to make the hair shiny and weigh up And also helps to nourish the hair and nourish the hair in the body as well.

Celery root

thai food, herbs

Helps nourish and maintain eyesight
Helping to eat more By using the dried fruit to be ground into powder or eaten or boiled with drinking water (effect, leaves)
Helps to nourish the elements in the body (leaves)
Helps to relieve thirst (leaves)
Helps reduce blood sugar levels (leaves)
Helps stimulate blood plasma and muscle function (leaves)
Helps reduce the risk of cancer (leaves)
Helps sweat With the use of fresh trees about 60 grams, bring to boil with drinking water. Or to squeeze only the water to drink and cure the symptoms (both early)
Used as medicine Help to poison the fever, scarlet fever (root)
Helps to cure cold symptoms (leaves)
Help cough (leaves)
Help dissolve phlegm With the use of fresh trees about 60 grams, bring to boil with drinking water. Or to squeeze only the water to drink and cure the symptoms (both early)
Helps to solve the hiccup (leaves)
Helps to relieve nausea and vomiting (leaves)
Helps to correct dizziness (leaves)
Help to cure food poisoning (leaves)
Used to relieve toothache, mouth pain by using the result to boil water. Then bring to gargle frequently (result)
Helps nourish the stomach By using dried fruit to be ground into powder or eaten or boiled with drinking water (effect)
The result is used as a fragrant spice when mixed with other drugs. Will help stimulate the glands in the stomach and intestines Add more water (effect)
Helps to treat abdominal pain (results)

Non-secret tips for Thai food

Thai food

If talking about Thai food Nowadays, some Thai people cannot cook Thai food. It may be because of the life that needs to be hastened. And ready-to-eat food is sold And for some people, those ready-made foods can solve the consumption problem very well.

But for me, maybe I’m lucky because my family is cooking. Especially Thai food is the main occupation Which has been done for about 20 years until now, So I am an expert in the field of cooking. Especially Thai food.

I think Thai food is the most popular because of the mellow taste of food. And the smell of ingredients that are different from other types of food, including the elaborate decoration of the food to look more appetizing.

What are the difficult things for you to make Thai food?

From now on everything will be easier. When you read and follow my cooking articles. You can make Thai food at home. With the secret of delicious Thai food in my style

Please Stay Tuned!!!

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