Thailand, Where is Thailand.

I believe so many people don’t know about Thailand. Today you will know more about Thailand.


HERE!!! Thailand on World Map


Many people know Thailand as Siam”“Thailand or Siam” is one of the countries in Southeast Asia and Thailand is a Democracy has a king.


King Rama IX, The longest reigning king in the world. He has reigned for 70 years 126 days. He passed away on October 13, 2016.

Nowadays The Reign of King Rama X.


Thailand is the 50th largest in the world and has many populations, the 20th largest in the world.

Thailand has 77 provinces and is divided into 4 regions. The 4 regions are Northern Thailand, Northeastern Thailand, Central Thailand and Southern Thailand.

Bangkok is the capital city and the official language is “Thai Language”


Thailand’s Currency is “The Baht” Dollar-Baht Exchange rate today 5/12/2018:

1 United States Dollar equals 32.78 Thai Baht

1 Euro equals 37.11 Thai Baht

For this article, I will end up with the word that translates into Thai

“Goodbye” in Thai “Laa-gon”

“Thank you” in Thai “Kob-khun”

“See you again next time” in Thai “Laew-pob-gun-mai”