Thailand or Siam. Where is Thailand?

Thai, Thailand, Siam that Many people know Thailand as Siam, So, Siam is Thailand.

I believe so many people don’t know about Thailand. Today you will know more about Thailand.

“Siam” formerly known as Thailand. But not the name that Thai people call themselves. Until the reign of King Rama IV, the name of Siam was officially named. Since 1896, Thailand has changed its name from Siam to Thailand.

Where is Thailand?

I ‘ll show you Thailand on the world map

Thailand or Siam. Where is Thailand?

Thailand is the 50th largest in the world and has many populations, the 20th largest in the world.

Thailand is the country located in the heart of the Indo-China Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Thailand is the only land route from Asia to Malaysia and Singapore.

Thailand has 77 provinces and is divided into 4 regions. The 4 regions are Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern. Bangkok is the capital city and the official language is “Thai Language”

The shape of Thailand is similar to the ax and border by 4 neighboring countries are Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Many people know Thailand as Siam”“Thailand or Siam” is one of the countries in Southeast Asia and Thailand is a Democracy has a king.

King of Thailand

king of Thailand

King Rama IX, The longest reigning king in the world. He has reigned for 70 years 126 days. He passed away on October 13, 2016.

Nowadays The Reign of King Rama X.

King of Thailand

The Currency is “The Baht” Dollar-Baht Exchange rate today 5/12/2018:

1 United States Dollar equals 32.78 Thai Baht

1 Euro equals 37.11 Thai Baht


Thailand map

The Weather

There are 3 seasons, Summer, Rainy Season and Winter.


starts mid-February to mid-May. The temperature is between 35-40 Degree Celsius or about 95-104 Degree Fahrenheit.

Rainy Season 

starts mid-May to mid-October.


starts mid-October to mid-February. The temperature by statistics is between 16-29 Degree Celsius or about 60.8-84.2 Degree Fahrenheit at the plain and the plateau has between 3-15 Degree Celsius or about 37.4-59 Degree Fahrenheit.

But In fact, the temperature is higher. It’s between 20-29 Degree Celsius or about 68-84.2 Degree Fahrenheit.

If you have a holidays plan in Thailand in the winter you should go to the northern or northern of the Northeast. There is good weather.

But if you need to have a vacation on the beach, scuba diving or any activities, the best period is until December to March.

In the rainy season, May to October should be abstained to go to Andaman Ocean site, such as Krabi, Phi-Phi islands, but you can go to the Thai Gulf site such as Koh Samet, Koh Tao, Koh Chang, Koh Kud, Ao NangYoun in May to August.

From August to September, you can go Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh NangYoun, Angthong islands National Park.