The Hidden Heaven of Nature “Guilin of Thailand”, Rajjaprabha Dam

Khao Sok National Park, Surat Thani. Rajjaprabha Dam or Cheow Lan Dam has been dubbed as “Guilin of Thailand”

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

After was built the dam, When water filled the dam over 150 islands formed; many of them are stunning pillars rising upright against the bright blue sky. The mysterious and charming scenery makes us all gaze on in awe at the beauty of the exotic sights that is often likened to the incredible “Guilin” landscapes in southern China.

The beauty of this place attracts many tourists to visit beautiful all year round.

The Accommodations

Phu Tawan Raft House

Kiri Tara Raft House

Khao sok-raft house

Pan Waree Raft House

Khao Sok Raft house

Chiew Larn Tour Raft House

Khao Sok raft house

Pleon Pri Raft House

khao sok raft house

Sai Chon Raft House

Khao sok raft house

500 rai Raft House

khao sok raft house

Phu Waree Raft House

khao sok raft house